Founded in 2016 with a vision of providing high-quality commercial equipment for restaurants, cafes, bakeries, or any other food service venture that operates out of a food truck or a large custom kitchen. Trust Kitchen is on a mission to empower anyone who dreams of starting a business, thus enabling them to be on the same level as the larger competition making for the better food industry in the UAE. A solution to the UAE’s growing restaurant and hospitality industry. To be the most trusted with quality products from brands, affordable, fast delivery, accessible, and extensive customer service. Trust Equipment is now accessible online to check the products suits in your restaurant, hotels, café, bakeries, and more needing the most equipment on brand. Our categories of products are the most recommended in the restaurant and hospitality industry where we can help to empower your business with our trusted brand partners. We offer a range of products from Cooking Line, Food Preparation, Refrigeration Line, Baking Line, Stainless Steel Kitchen Equipment and more. We believe in creating a world where restaurants and cafes are flavorful, unique, memorable, and authentic. Visit us now at www.trustkitchen.ae


Trust Kitchen Equipment Trading’s mission is to empower food businesses’ needs through great products as food equipment and food retail professionals can trust to work hard and deliver quality, we bring the the most advantageous solution for their business excellence needs.


Our vision is to lead the kitchen equipment and food retail equipment industry through e-commerce, operational excellence, superior customer service, and trustworthy.

Why Trust Kitchens Equipment?


Once your order is placed, we’ll process it immediately and ship it as soon as possible.


Unlike showrooms or competing websites, we always have a customers’ chosen product in our warehouse. We always have a stock of equipment to provide continuos operation and to deliver on time to our valued customers.


We stand by our commitment to affordable pricing.


We offer competitive prices for our products. Pay with secure payment methods and insure our buyer protection from purchase to delivery.


Our products come from some of the top brands in the industry; built with integrity and designed with their qualities.


We have an expert team to accommodate your needs. Whenever you need us for a maintenance check or appliance installation, our team is always ready to guide and support all your needs.